3 Easy Steps to Kick-Start Potty Training For Your Baby

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By G Low  |   Submitted On January 02, 2009
This article sets out to provide you with 3 easy steps to begin potty train your baby. I came out with these steps based on my own personal experience in training my baby when it comes to helping my baby ‘use the potty’.
It all started with my baby’s peculiar way of passing motion. Since she was born, she had the habit of only passing motion once a day or once every two days. And you can imagine the amount of ‘poo’ in her diaper when she does her business.
As it was a really messy affair (not to mention the frequent staining of mattress), I was desperate for a quick solution. I shared with a friend who recommended her mother’s way of potty training, that is to hold the baby over the potty and tell her to ‘poo’ into the potty on a regular basis. It is best to be done every day at a fixed time so as to regulate the bowel movement and for the baby to get used to the timing.
And this was exactly what my mother, my husband, and I did with our baby from as early as when she was just 2 weeks old. And our consistent effort paid off, from just 1-month plus old, my baby is able to urinate and ‘poo’ into the potty every time we hold her over the potty.
With this success, I like to provide you with 3 easy steps whereby you can also achieve the same result.
Step 1:
Of course, start off by purchasing a potty! J
Step 2:
Gauge roughly when your baby passes motion. Some babies do it after feeding; some do it in the morning etc.
Decide on a fixed time e.g. in the morning after bath, in the afternoon after feed, or in the evening before sleep based on when he/she does her business and when it is convenient for you.
Then consistently hold your baby over the potty at the appointed time. Remember to hold him/her back against your front body for support. Different people do it differently e.g. my mother does it sitting down on a stool while my husband does it standing over a table with the potty on the table.
However you choose to do it, just bear in mind your baby’s safety and your own comfort.
Step 3:
Do not give up if you do not succeed at first try. The key is to keep doing it until your baby gets it. Some babies may learn it faster, some slower. It does not matter.
As long as you are consistently doing it, you baby will get it eventually.
Just to share another success story. That day, my husband was holding our baby over the potty. At first, my husband didn’t say anything or make any sound. Our baby looked at him and then he said ‘Poo Poo, Baby’. Our baby then looked away and bent over slightly and started pushing, and out came the ‘poo’. She just turned 4-month old that day.
Remember you can do this as early as when you baby is just 1-month old. However remember to hold him/her tightly and safely that he/she does not fall over.
I am sure you have your own effective ways to potty train your baby. I love to hear from you at my blog, http://firstparents.blogspot.com/
Gillian Low, first-time parent who is interested in early childhood stimulation and education. So far, she has succeeded in training her 3-month old baby girl to sleep on her own. Not only is her baby girl able to sleep through the night at week-11, she is also ‘potty trained’ as early as 2-month old. Check out Gillian’s blog, http://firstparents.blogspot.com/ for more details.
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