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Making Your Angel Dream – How to Sleep Train Your Baby
By Stuart Benjamin  |   Submitted On February 15, 2010

Infancy is one of the sweetest moments for every proud parent. The first smile, the first sounds (apart from the occasional belches) and the first baby steps are more priceless than the Master Card adverts. The enchanting eyes, the toddling movements and the entire presence of a baby around the house seem to light up the world for parents more than any other festive occasion.
But as someone quoted in Spider Man 3- “With great power comes great responsibility.” A parent must always have a keen eye to see the baby has a proper sleep schedule in the growing up period. And for that, it’s absolutely necessary to know how to sleep train your baby, to ensure that your little angel has the sweetest dreams throughout the night.
The most critical step in learning how to sleep train your baby is in adjusting the baby’s sleep patterns based on the time of the day. A parent must always engage the baby in some activity during the day after feeding by moving around, and exposing him to various sights and sounds. There is also the crying down technique to prevent sleep disorders. Make your baby cry out alone at specific times, but be ready to buy some decent ear plugs!
Be careful to note that your baby does not have any medical conditions while sleeping. If he does, base your training on consultation with a doctor. Always remember that the techniques vary from child to child, so allow your baby to find the sleep pattern most suited for his taste. And remember, a bottle, a nice bedtime story and some soothing music in the crib always make for a good sleep, while also helping you realize how to sleep train your baby according to your baby’s preferences.
Set a regular, consistent bedtime and always be there to reassure your baby once he starts to cry. Once the routine is followed for a month or so, he will automatically adjust to his environment. Keep visiting him every 15-20 minutes just to keep a check. New scenarios like arrival of visitors, or physical movement need extra care to make sure the baby is not frightened.
Try sleeping in the baby’s room for sometime to reassure him of your presence. Keep soothing him by picking him up, or playing with his baby toys to remove the sense of fear from the mind over time. Once that is done, your baby will be fast asleep. Make sure it happens more in the crib than your arms.
Finally, maintain a time keeping clock or a chart to record your own progress with time. This will help you realize which methods are working and you can move towards a more efficient sleep training schedule in no time.
Remember, each child is special, and so is the connection with their parent. Turn on the music, take your baby in your arms and let the hearts bond before a dreamy session of comforting sleep
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