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Jake VandenhoffPlatinum Author |   34 Articles
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How a Dating Coach Can Help You Date the Women You Want Most
By Jake Vandenhoff  |   Submitted On July 12, 2010

As a dating coach myself, I’ve seen time and time again the positive impact that coaching can have in the lives of single men. Regardless of your background, or “skill-level” a qualified dating coach can help you reach your dating goals, no matter what they are. Here are 4 ways that a dating coach can help you succeed with women and dating:
1) They can see the things you miss. Most men have no idea what they’re doing wrong that’s keeping them from having success with women. Frequently, guys have no idea why they aren’t getting dates, when the answer is as plain as day to any qualified coach. Often, when a guy finds out what he’s doing wrong the problem can be instantly corrected.
2) They can clear up misconceptions you may have. Almost every guy is suffering from some form of misconception about women and dating that’s holding him back from ultimate success. A dating coach can help you to see things clearly, and eradicate the negative “social-programming” that is sabotaging your game. Usually, by the time a man seeks out a dating coach, he has already read a great deal of terrible dating advice. In fact, most of the men I work with are actually more confused about dating BECAUSE of the poor advice they’ve consumed prior to their coaching.
3) They can motivate and inspire you. Most dating coaches got into this line of work because they used to struggle with dating themselves. They are living proof that you can go from being dateless and awkward to confident and in demand. Talking to someone who has already walked the path and triumphed can be extremely empowering.
4) They can give you a plan for success tailored to your unique situation. A good coach won’t just sit there and nod his head like a psychotherapist. Instead, he’ll take an active role and tell you what you need to do specifically to improve your dating life. This is a huge advantage that coaching has over other forms of dating advice like e-books or DVDs… It’s tailored to you, and your unique situation.
Not all dating coaches are created equal. If you would like a free 10 minute consultation to see if my coaching can work for you, hop over to You also can read free articles, sign up for my free Dating Secrets E-Course, and download my new program Online Dating Playbook.
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